Stolen Italian Violins in Paris

Se avete avuto la sventura di aver subito un furto o semplicemente avete perso il vostro amato strumento, potete segnalarlo qui.
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Stolen Italian Violins in Paris

Messaggio da claudio » martedì 21 marzo 2006, 22:47

On Saturday 18th March, while transfering from Paris Airport of Orly to the station of Antony,
on the Orlyval train, I was stolen of a double violin case made
by Riboni, light grey color, containing 2 violins and 5 bows.
We would be very grateful if you could forward this email with the photografs attachments to
anyone whom you think could help me in my search to find these instruments .

In attachment to the present message you can find some pictures of the violins.
For more and larger pictures:

If, by any chance, you come across these instruments, please call?

+39 10 2474105
+39 10 2473111
+ 39 348 3126187

thank you for your assistance and for any help you will give me in this unhappy circumstance

Alberto Giordano


branded internally 'G.PEDRAZZINI'
Made around 1925 - 1930.
The varnish of a yellow-orange color over an intense ground
Blocks and linings are of a dark brown pine
Ebony 'V' insert on the rib joint at at the button.
The bridge branded 'A.GIORDANO-GENOA'

PAOLO DE BARBIERI - bearing the label 'Paolo de Barbieri fece in Genova anno 1930'
branded 'P.DE BARBIERI-GENOVA' on the rib joint at the button
Bearing the number 127 on the upper bass rib.
The violin bear the original pegs and the bridge marked 'P. De Barbieri - Genova'
The model comes from Guarneri del Ges?3 ' Il Cannone'
Blocks an linigs are of spuce, the linings passing over the corner-blocks.
Orange-red varnish with a warm and retouched area on the lower back bout.


- One violin bow made by Charles Nicolas Bazin, branded 'C.Bazin'
The frog showing a few cracks repaired

- One viola bow branded 'Cuniot-Hury'
no hair, the haed repaired on the rear

- One violin bow branded 'Jerome...'
no hair - round coulisse

- One violin bow branded 'Lupot'
no hair, no button

- One violin transition bow of a brow black wood stick and an ivory frog
no hair.

Here the images of the stole violins: