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Hide Glue

Messaggio da frank »

How can one determine the quality of the hide glue?

I have both hide glue from Kremer and Morassi. I noticed some differences in their characteristics.

Morassi hide glue (granular):
The color is very pale. After prepared, the viscosity of the solution tends to be consistent and flows nicely. When the glue solution dried completely in a jar, the film is completely colorless, transparent, and very even. It seems to become part of the glass jar. If I did not know there was glue in there, I might not even notice the film.

Kremer hide glue (granular):
The color is darker. I find it harder to bring it to a consistent viscosity during preparation. It seems to require higher temperature (and it takes longer) to get good consistncy. When the glue solution dried completely in a jar, the film remains brown/amber color. And it is uneven with little bubble and dimples.

Does this mean the Morassi hide glue is better? Or did I get something else other then Hide glue from Morassi, such as bone glue, rabbit skin glue, or fish glue?

perhaps my first question should be "are they both Hide glue?"

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Messaggio da claudio »

Frank, the Morassi's glue seems to be better because made from skins, mainly. How they smell, Kremer's and Morassi's glue? Notice: if you use only morassi's glue, you have to work very quickly, because the skin glue gelatinize in a very short time (but it is a very "strong" glue). Usually we make a mixture of clear and dark glue, to have a good working solution.
The darker colour of the Kremer's glue is due to the various components:
bones, cartilaginous structures, skins. I used the Morassi's glue for the last violin: it seems work properly, but test your glues and tell us the results.