Hello from Austria!

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Hello from Austria!

Messaggio da Julius »

Hi to all!,:D im violin maker from Austria, my italian is exhausting and i hope it is ok to write in english. I understand italian a bit, i was 7 months in vicenza making and repairing violins.

I have made some nice classic violins but i would like to show you my newest inventions, maybe i can get some feedback from you.

At first my newest transportable trainings violin the STRINGTHEORIE
it has 1 string! 8O
its geometrie is exact like an average violin
I can take it apart easily and throw it in my backpack with my 1/16 Bow
and i have a Pickup on it.
I use it for traveling, when my classic violin is to big and sensitiv for transporting, or at home at midnight to train in silence.
I make fingertraining like vibrato, plaiing and changing the possitions and everything possible on one string. Without sheet off course.
Sometimes i search some effect setups for plaiing on my electric violin.
Here on the bottom you can see how it looks like
scroll down!

My second Invention is a fine semiacoustic violin. I am sorry that i cannot explain it to you but it is as simple (difficult) as the violin to ecplain.
I have a video to show it to you in action; I hope you like it, i called it the C-VIOLIN

I have also a real electric violin (massiv) with some new and sound improving konstruction features, (new pickup and tailpiece)
I will inform you here when im ready.

any questins and feedback, also in italian, are welcome.

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Messaggio da claudio »

Welcome Julius, your instruments look very interesting, especially the Stringtheorie, with just one string. :D
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